Google+ Profile Picture Generator is Ready

To all Google+ users, Google+ Profile Picture Generator website is ready. Now you can easily create your Google+ profile picture with this cool online tool.  The website supports JPG, GIF and PNG images. I have added a cool image cropping tool so you can crop any part of your picture. Now you can see a live preview of how the final picture will look like. The website contains a number of exciting designs, so you can choose the design that suits your picture the most.

To see this all in action visit the website now and get your picture gplus(ed) in just few seconds.

I forgot to mention that this service is totally free! Vist the website now and get yourself a cool Google+ profile picture.

Here are some snapshots from the website:

1- Upload your picture

2- Crop picture and choose style

3- Download your Google+ picture

New: Google+ circle design is now available

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I hope you enjoy it.

Google+ Profile Picture Generator is Ready
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  • Esam

    nice website. I think I should have a share in case of success 🙂

  • Husamaldin

    Thanks Esam, 😀