Dart Language, is it the Way to Go?

Dart is a new class-based programming language developed by Google for creating structured web applications. It was developed with the goals of simplicity, efficiency, and scalability, the Dart language combines powerful new language features with familiar language constructs into a clear, readable syntax. One of the main goals of Dart is to ultimately replace JavaScript as the bridge language of web development on the open web platform. Dart is intended to solve JavaScript’s problems which Google thinks, cannot be solved by evolving the language while offering better performance, the ability to be more easily utilized for large-scale projects and better security features.


Dart will run in its own virtual machine in Chrome and compile to JavaScript in other browsers.


The famous Hello World example:

  print('Hello, World!');


Google has released a test version of its browser with the ability to run programs written in Dart. The new release of Google Chrome is called “Dartium” the app allows developers to run Dart code directly within the browser, avoiding an additional compilation stage. It’s currently available for Mac and Linux computers, though a Windows version is promised soon.

As of January 2012, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Software Opera browser and Apple Safari do not have plans to implement support for Dart.

Microsoft’s JavaScript team disagrees with Google’s point of view that JavaScript has fundamental flaws and supporting these scenarios requires a ‘clean break’ from JavaScript in both syntax and runtime.

Mozilla’s Brendan Eich, who developed the JavaScript language, has stated, “I guarantee you that Apple and Microsoft (and Opera and Mozilla, but the first two are enough) will never embed the Dart VM. So ‘Works best in Chrome’ and even ‘Works only in Chrome’ are new norms promulgated intentionally by Google. We see more of this fragmentation every day. As a user of Chrome and Firefox (and Safari), I find it painful to experience, never mind the political bad taste.”

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think that Microsoft, Webkit project and Firefox should implement Dart in their browsers? Are you with further developing the JavaScript language or Dart is the way to go?

Dart Language, is it the Way to Go?
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