Customize DISQUS 2012 Width in WordPress

If you are a big fan of DISQUS then you will definitely love the new DISQUS 2012 with it’s new sleek look and really cool features. However I have noticed that many people were complaining about the limited customization options available on the DISQUS 2012 control panel specially the inability to control the width of the comment box. I have been looking around and found the following solution:

  1. Locate the stylesheet file of your WordPress theme (style.css)
  2. Add the following custom CSS:

You can add any CSS property you like, margin, padding … etc.

If you have any questions or would like me to discuss a certain topic please send me a message or simply just leave a comment below!

Customize DISQUS 2012 Width in WordPress
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  • Morris Warras

    Very cool!

  • Armin

    This method wouldn’t work for inner styles. I want to modify “.post-content” but it can’t override default styles 🙁
    I read some where it’s because disqus 2012 uses can I modify it?

  • galoft

    thnx my firend