Churn Gold at Magento with Email Marketing Extension


Often, online retailers try to find the way of increasing the output from their online retailing sites, especially when they use Magento. They all try to make the most from their applied open source tool in the success of a professional e-commerce website. If you also belong to this group of entrepreneurs then this post will really help you in this process. At here, you are going to know about some ultimate extensions for boosting the return on investments from email marketing campaigns of your online retailing website. It will help you in the promotion of your website.

ebizmarts – MageMonkey


You might have heard about the MailChimp from your fellows. It is an outstanding email marketing software that gives a user-friendly facility to manage your email marketing campaign. You can send mails to multiple people at once and make a record of multiple communication threads at a single place. With this extension, you can integrate your site with the email marketing system of MailChimp with the help of their official integration API.

Follow Up Email


Developed by ‘aheadWorks’, it is a great tool to strengthen the customer relationships process at your store. With this tool, you can send notifications and email newsletters to your customers, who keep their shopping carts empty. Moreover, your customers can also add the products just by clicking on the link provided in follow up email. Further, you can be in close connection with your customers by suggesting new products, wishing on important events of their lives, and request to pass feedbacks for the products, bought buy them from your store.

AfterShip Track Package & Delivery Notification


Developed by AfterShip, it is an important extension for your e-commerce store. You just need to integrate this extension with your store to track your deliveries, shipped via USPS, FedEx and 85 other courier companies. So, it simply give scalability and improvement in the delivery & shipping of your e-commerce store. In this way, you just need to import your shipments in your AfterShip account then the system will automatically fetch all the shipments from different couriers.

CleaverReach Connect


Available as a freebie, this is a needful extension for synchronizing your newsletter subscribers as well as customers at single place. You just need to get this plugin from the official website of Magento. You require setting up your account at CleaverReach and integrating your store with this service. Further, you can easily manage your email marketing campaign. You just need to understand the reach of your marketing campaigns.

Listrak Retail Solutions


You might be aware of this extension if you are not new to e-commerce industry. You just need to sign up at Listrak because you will have the need of an official account at this service for using its trusted marketing tools. You will be able to grow the percentage of reviews and ratings on your site after using this service.

Now, you can pick your extensions and install in your website. You might need a Magento programmer or a Magento development company for installation process in case you are not aware of PHP. The association with experts will help you greatly in this process.

Churn Gold at Magento with Email Marketing Extension
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