8 Amazingly Simple Steps to Secure your WordPress Website Against Hackers


Security against hacker attempts is something that has always topped the list of key concerns among global WordPress users. If you are running your website on WordPress CMS, then it is absolutely essential for you to take some basic steps for securing it against hackers. Never stay in the false intuition of “It won’t happen to me” because the web world is filled with spammers and hackers who’re always on a look out for chances of breaching the security of your website/blog. Continue reading this post to find eight awesome and easy-to-follow steps for protecting your WordPress site against a hacker’s threat. The best thing about these steps is that they can be performed rightaway, without having you to worry about spending even a single penny.

1. Choose the right and renowned web hosting service provider

If you’re a security conscious WordPress user, choosing the right web host must be on top of your list of priorities. Serving your website on a shared server can make your site vulnerable to multiple security threats. I recommend choosing a web hosting which has been into the business of offering web hosting solutions and services to a wide array of websites. Make sure the web host you settle down for doesn’t compromise on the security aspect of your website.

2. Lock down the file and directory permissions

You must be familiar with the fact that all the files and folders stored on your website’s hosting account come with a set of permissions which allow you to control the access and usage of these files and folders. A simple solution to prevent unauthorized access to these files and folders is locking down the permissions by assigning a specific permission code.

3. Disable file editing for your WordPress website

Under adverse situations where a hacker turns successful in gaining access to your site’s admin panel, he/she may choose to edit your files by executing the code in any way. To avoid such a thing happening to your site, it is recommended to disable the file editing feature for your site. You can do this by simply adding the below code snippet to your site’s wp-config.php file:

define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

4. Control all sensitive information for your WordPress website

As a yet another simple means of security your WordPress website, have a look at the phpinfo.php or i.php files to ensure that any valuable information isn’t left open for the world. Additionally, also make arrangements for keeping all your .sql database backup files at a secure location. Your incompetency in doing the same can allow the hackers to download the entire database for your site, thereby gaining a quick access to the username and encrypted password for your website.

5. Maintain an updated status for your WordPress website

An outdated status of your WordPress website can make it vulnerable to attacks by spammers and hackers. Therefore, it is recommended to keep all the themes, plugins, extensions etc. installed in your site updated. Also, ensure to delete any outdated files, themes, extensions and plugins.

6. Install bug-free security plugins

Plugins definitely serve as the right tools for enhancing the seucrity of your WordPress website. Some popular free WordPress security plugins include Bulletproof Security and Better WP Security. With such plugins installed in your website, you can fill up all the security loopholes existing in your site. SiteLock is yet another website security monitoring tool that allows you to monitor your website via malware detection, active virus scanning and vulnerability identification.

7. Maintain a backup for your website

Even after equipping your website with the best n-class security features, there is always a possibility for something unexpected to happen. If any hacker attempts to hack your site things can get worse. So, it is better to ensure that all the content for your site is backed up in a safe way. You can visit the WordPress Codex for gathering useful insights on backing up your site conveniently. You may opt for using a WP plugin like WordPress Backup to Dropbox in order to schedule regular automatic backups for your WP site.

8. Limit Login attempts for your site

A majority of hackers prefer using a software that simply bombards the login page with multiple username and password combinations, thereby gaining an easy access to site’s vital details. In order to avoid such a situation for your WordPress site, I recommend installing a WP plugin that will allow you to limit the number of times a visitor can attempt to login to your website within a specific time duration- a single hour or a couple of hours.

Summing Up

With that its a wrap on this post which allowed you to dig deep into some simple steps for securing your WordPress website against the hackers’ attacks. Follow these steps and you’ll notice a remarkable difference in your site’s security.

8 Amazingly Simple Steps to Secure your WordPress Website Against Hackers
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