The What and How Of Symmetry in Web Design?

Being creative in designing a website is good, however, it doesn’t mean you should over-board your website with too many elements. But, an unfortunate reality is that many novice designers

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8 Amazingly Simple Steps to Secure your WordPress Website Against Hackers

Security against hacker attempts is something that has always topped the list of key concerns among global WordPress users. If you are running your website on WordPress CMS, then it is absolutely essential

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Churn Gold at Magento with Email Marketing Extension

Often, online retailers try to find the way of increasing the output from their online retailing sites, especially when they use Magento. They all try to make the most from their applied open source tool in the success of a … Read more →

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Fast Forward YouTube Videos Using Numbers

Here is a simple YouTube tip for anyone who wants to fast forward YouTube videos. All you have to do is to use the numbers 1 through 9 to get to that percentage point in the video. For this to … Read more →

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