How to make typography effects with jQuery and CSS3?

Businesses looking to smarten up their website’s design are warming up to the typography enhancement. That said, there still exists a large section of webmasters who pay attention to multiple aspects like the tonality of the website

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Global Variables in JavaScript

In many scenarios JavaScript coders find themselves in a need to store a value in a variable located inside a function to be later called by another function. One interesting way of doing so is to actually attach the variable … Read more →

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Custom Radio Buttons

How many times have you looked at your nicely styled web form and then got hit in the face by the bad look of those out of style radio buttons? Radio buttons lack CSS styling support, so they will always … Read more →

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Ajax File Upload Made Easy

I am sure that many of you have searched for Ajax file upload for long time and all you could find was some plugins that is difficult to customize and sometimes even understand. The problem is that there is no … Read more →

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