Upload Image and Create Multiple Thumbnail Sizes in CodeIgniter

Just the other day I was trying to upload an image and create multiple resized copies of that image to be used in different locations in a website. I was using the CodeIgniter Image Manipulation Class and it worked perfectly … Read more →

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Customize DISQUS 2012 Width in WordPress

If you are a big fan of DISQUS then you will definitely love the new DISQUS 2012 with it’s new sleek look and really cool features. However I have noticed that many people were complaining about the limited customization options … Read more →

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jQuery UI Autocomplete in CodeIgniter with Database

In this tutorial I will show you how to connect jQuery UI Autocomplete plugin to remote datasource (eg. database table) with CodeIgniter. I have noticed that many people were asking about this and after searching the Internet for hours, I couldn’t actually find a complete tutorial that teaches you how to do this. So, without further ado, let’s get to work. Read more →

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Detecting for CSS3 Support Using Modernizr

One of the things you have to deal with when using any emerging technology such as CSS3 is the lack of support in older browsers. There are many strategies, workarounds and hacks you can use to either force support or … Read more →

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