How to make typography effects with jQuery and CSS3?

Businesses looking to smarten up their website’s design are warming up to the typography enhancement. That said, there still exists a large section of webmasters who pay attention to multiple aspects like the tonality of the website

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jQuery UI Autocomplete in CodeIgniter with Images and Database

I have decided to write this tutorial after receiving many requests on how to use the jQuery UI Autocomplete widget in CodeIgniter to display images along with the retrieved data. To avoid repetition, I made this tutorial as a continuation … Read more →

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jQuery UI Autocomplete in CodeIgniter with Database

In this tutorial I will show you how to connect jQuery UI Autocomplete plugin to remote datasource (eg. database table) with CodeIgniter. I have noticed that many people were asking about this and after searching the Internet for hours, I couldn’t actually find a complete tutorial that teaches you how to do this. So, without further ado, let’s get to work. Read more →

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Global Variables in JavaScript

In many scenarios JavaScript coders find themselves in a need to store a value in a variable located inside a function to be later called by another function. One interesting way of doing so is to actually attach the variable … Read more →

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